Hola! I’m Josue

I've been working as Software Engineer for the past 13 years, I really love the intersection between the Software and the Art, Data Visualization is one of my other drivers in life. Here I'll be writing English, Español and someday in Deutsch.

Leatest Stories

Cloud Translation y Vision API para aprender vocabulario en Alemán

Aprender vocabulario en un idioma nuevo resulta complicado al inicio, con este pequeño experimento utilizando Cloud Translation y Vision API busco una manera sencilla y práctica de hacerlo.

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EU Forest

In this article I would like to tell you about my experience and challenge that I faced to represent 588,983 trees using Google Maps and Deck.gl

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Bosques de Europa

En este artículo me gustaría contar mi experiencia y diferentes retos que tuve para lograr representar 588,983 árboles dentro de Google Maps utilizando deck.gl

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Hello World

Welcome to my blog, a place where I'll be sharing some content related with the things I like to research, the curiosity drive me in many ways inside the software world.

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